August 29, 2008

The Salad

Today at work for our monthly "birthdays and anniversaries" lunch we had make your own salad with breadsticks, and brownies for desert. Also, there were the largest cherry(?) tomatoes I've ever seen.

I sometimes amaze even myself by the shear quantity of salad I can put away. Anyone who has been to the Olive Garden with me can back me up on this.

I have been vegetarian for over nine years now, though I was a closet vegetarian most of my life. Salad has always been one of my favorite foods. I still remember piling huge quantities of salad onto my lunch tray in elementary school. I would fill four of the five tray sections with salad. The lunch ladies initially gave me a hard time about it, mostly because they didn't think I was actually going to eat it all. They eased up after a few days when they realized I could and would eat it.

That having been said, salad still isn't an entree, and vegetarians do eat more than salad :)


gutzville said...

at what point do they stop becoming "Cherry" Tomatos

Melissa said...

"you don't make friends with salad"
-- bart simpson

Cara said...

My favorite is when you never say "when" to cheese on your salad at the OG