May 31, 2010

Danville Memorial Day 5K


I ran my 3rd Danville Memorial Day 5K this morning. The race went well for me despite the hot and humid weather. I think I'm finally starting to acclimatize. Melissa was kind enough to let me borrow her girly watch when I discovered I'd left mine at home. I recorded my mile splits, but I tried something different (for me) by not actually looking at them and instead running solely on how I feel. It worked reasonably well.

#1 fan

My #1 fan

The pack started fast and I dropped into 12th place or so after ¼ mile. I moved up to 9th by ½ mile. I moved up to 4th by 1 mile. My split was 5:33, a bit fast. The 2nd mile was mostly into a headwind and I really worked hard to maintain my pace.

Easy come

Whoa, we're half way there

Easy go

Whoa, living on a prayer


Grandma Barb keeps an eye out for Will's daddy

My next split was 5:55, a bit closer to what I expected. Amazingly, I still felt good at this point. That never happens. I continued to push the pace into the 3rd mile, but just a short distance later we hit a long wide open section with no shade and I absolutely baked in the sun.

Home stretch

The heat hurt me more the last mile than the running did. My 3rd mile split was also 5:55. One runner passed me around the 3 mile mark. I finished in 17:56 (I think, the results seem to be a bit off at the moment), 5th overall, 1st in my age group... identical results to last year.

This expression sums it up pretty well

This sums it up pretty well


Will was enthralled


It was a good race. Many thanks to Melissa, Will, and my parents for coming out to cheer me on. Also, thanks to my dad for taking the race photos.

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