October 25, 2011

Wild in the Woods - Klondike Park

In my previous four races I hadn't finished lower than fourth place overall. The small Klondike Park 7 mile trail race two weeks ago seemed like a perfect fit for me so I went into it thinking I would probably win. That was my first mistake.

I started out at what felt like comfortable pace. The first mile was on a paved path through the park. Four runners stayed together in the lead pack. I let the others set the pace. It felt slow. Just before the first mile marker we hit The First Big Steep Hill. Feeling great, and seeing the others seemingly struggle, I took the lead, thinking I would probably just finish the last six miles alone. Towards the top of the hill my watch beeped, indicating the first mile had passed. I for some reason chose not to look at my time, which I have since come to regret. I now know we ran the first mile in 6:07… including the big steep hill.


Much to my dismay the others stayed on my heels as we entered a section of very technical single-track trail. I pushed the pace, but they all were able to follow. It was sinking in that I did not have this thing in the bag. We exited the woods together onto a wide flat crushed gravel path. I started paying attention to my mile splits, a few 6:15-ish splits in a row, as two guys pulled away from me. I was slowly beginning to pay the price for starting too fast, a tale I've told many times before.

There was another big hill around mile 5, which completely destroyed me. I passed Melissa & Will shortly after that. She said I looked fine, but I was totally faking it. I then entered another section of very hilly technical single-track trail. In the span of one mile my splits ballooned by 3 minutes. It felt like a death march. Another runner caught up to me from behind, got lost, caught up to me again, then passed me… which didn't do much for my confidence.

I finished in fourth place, extending my streak of top-four finishes to five consecutive races, though this was by far the ugliest of the bunch. At some point the following will sink in:

  • Don't start too fast, stupid.
  • Don't underestimate a trail you haven't run before.
  • There's a lot of good runners out there.

October 10, 2011

September 2011

Photo of the Day

FlickrCalendar 1


Men's start

I raced a total of seven times in September, which is more than usual, and trained a bit less. As far as running goes, I finished 4th at the Forest Park Cross Country Festival, 2nd at the Litchfield Triathlou, 2nd at the Gateway Cross Cup 4.1 mile cross country run. Not bad.

MonthDistance# WorkoutsAvg per Workout
January13.54 Mile34.51333 Mile
February33.47 Mile74.78143 Mile
March71.64 Mile107.164 Mile
April31.12 Mile65.18667 Mile
May71.9569 Mile107.19569 Mile
June85.87 Mile117.80636 Mile
July49.47 Mile77.06714 Mile
August116.34 Mile138.94923 Mile
September82.89 Mile126.9075 Mile
Total556.297 Mile797.04173 Mile

Running 2011 9


It wouldn't be a St. Louis outdoor event without lots of beer

I rode quite well in two of the three Gateway Cup races I did, though didn't finish well. At the Gateway Cross Cup I finished 4th in the Cat 4 race.

BikeDistance# RidesAvg per Ride
Bianchi89.4 Mile118.12727 Mile
El Fuego14.81 Mile114.81 Mile
Lynskey33.96 Mile311.32 Mile
Pocket Rocket18.2 Mile53.64 Mile
Thundercougarfalconbird113.83 Mile428.4575 Mile
Total270.2 Mile2411.2583 Mile

MonthDistance# WorkoutsAvg per Workout
January35.32 Mile48.83 Mile
March3 Mile13. Mile
April36.25 Mile75.17857 Mile
May272.94 Mile2510.9176 Mile
June344.02 Mile2613.2315 Mile
July306.77 Mile1225.5642 Mile
August418.39 Mile2516.7356 Mile
September270.2 Mile2411.2583 Mile
Total1686.89 Mile12413.604 Mile

Cycling 2011 9


The long way home

MonthDistance# WorkoutsAvg per Workout
January56.9 Mile163.55625 Mile
February47.6 Mile143.4 Mile
March83.4 Mile243.475 Mile
April84.3 Mile263.24231 Mile
May64. Mile193.36842 Mile
June57.3 Mile173.37059 Mile
July14.5 Mile72.07143 Mile
August31.7 Mile93.52222 Mile
September42.2022 Mile162.63764 Mile
Total481.902 Mile1483.2561 Mile

Walking 2011 9


Lake Lou Yaeger

It's been over two years, but I finally have a non-zero tally here.

MonthDistance# WorkoutsAvg per Workout
September4096.81 Yard5819.361 Yard
Total4096.81 Yard5819.361 Yard

Swimming 2011 9


MonthDistance# WorkoutsAvg per Workout
June3. Mile13. Mile
August1.8 Mile11.8 Mile
September3.9 Mile31.3 Mile
Total8.7 Mile51.74 Mile