March 21, 2011

January 2011

Photo of the Day

January 2011 Photo of the Day

I'm still going with the third year of my Photo of the Day project. I've been so busy lately that the quality of the photos has declined significantly (often just taking a photo of whatever I happen to see when the clock strikes 10 pm). I'd love to be able to devote more time to this (and a dozen other neglected projects).


MonthDistance# WorkoutsAvg per Workout
January13.54 Mile34.51333 Mile
Total13.54 Mile34.51333 Mile

I recently realized I now have over nine years of training data logged, so I might as well plot some historical trends. Here is monthly running mileage for the past nine years.


See if you can spot the injuries. The good news is my knee is slowly getting better and I was able to do a little bit of running in January.



I climbed onto the trainer a few times in January, hoping I could spin the pedals. Each time my knee would be pretty sore for a few days.

MonthDistance# WorkoutsAvg per Workout
January23 Mile37.66667 Mile
Total23 Mile37.66667 Mile



Walking at the Science Center

While cycling is still a problem and running is partially problematic, my knee doesn't mind walking at all. Mostly I just walked Will to daycare a few times per week.

MonthDistance# WorkoutsAvg per Workout
January51.1 Mile143.65 Mile
Total51.1 Mile143.65 Mile


Cross Country Skiing


We had a few days of snow and a few days when my knee felt up to it, but really only one day where both of those conditions were satisfied.

MonthDistance# WorkoutsAvg per Workout
January2.92 Mile12.92 Mile
Total2.92 Mile12.92 Mile


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