November 1, 2010

October Stats

Hey, I turned 32 (0x20, 25). Melissa was kind enough to build me a cake, which William promptly devoured. Okay, I helped devour it too.


Photo of the Day


Skippo start

Well, I've been feeling better and better about my running for several months now and I finally took the leap from running 2-3 times per week and started running 3-4 times a week. Now, you may ask how could I run four times per week if there are seven days in a week and my cardinal rule is to not run on two consecutive days? There's no funny math here, I'm simply breaking my cardinal rule for the first time since my knee surgery in 2004. So far it's been great. It's possible I could come to both rue and lament that decision, but I've been feeling good enough lately that I probably won't.

The net affect of this change is that my mileage shot way, way up. 144 miles in one month doesn't seem like much to me for some reason, particularly considering I regularly ran 75 miles per week when I was 18. But back then I ran every day. It's kind of remarkable (even to me) that (on average) I ran 8.5 miles on 17 separate occasions.

I had a couple of decent races, both times finishing behind the same person. Perhaps I need to start training with that guy.

MonthDistance# WorkoutsAvg per Workout
January109.05 Mile1010.905 Mile
February76.18 Mile89.5225 Mile
March84.86 Mile108.486 Mile
April83.15 Mile99.23889 Mile
May57.95 Mile78.27857 Mile
June17.98 Mile35.99333 Mile
July54.62 Mile86.8275 Mile
August65.78 Mile97.30889 Mile
September107.4 Mile138.26154 Mile
October144.087 Mile178.47573 Mile
Total801.057 Mile948.52189 Mile


Bubba Cross #3 Women's Race

It's pretty rare that my cycling mileage would go up in October. I got in a few good long hard rides with my friends Nick and Mike and I also did a couple of the Big Shark rides. So despite the stupid traffic I'm managing to get some riding in... perhaps not as much as in Champaign-Urbana, but the rides I am doing are on more difficult terrain.

I did one cyclocross race that was okay, but not great. I hope to do a few more before the season ends.

BikeDistance# RidesAvg per Ride
Bianchi59.13 Mile96.57 Mile
Pocket Rocket24.4 Mile54.88 Mile
Thundercougarfalconbird219.76 Mile543.952 Mile
Total303.29 Mile1915.9626 Mile

MonthDistance# WorkoutsAvg per Workout
January166.25 Mile208.3125 Mile
February140.67 Mile1211.7225 Mile
March508.83 Mile1828.2683 Mile
April318.98 Mile1324.5369 Mile
May365.89 Mile2018.2945 Mile
June447.97 Mile2220.3623 Mile
July390.59 Mile1920.5574 Mile
August223. Mile1514.8667 Mile
September146.5 Mile178.61765 Mile
October303.29 Mile1915.9626 Mile
Total3011.97 Mile17517.2113 Mile



It's not too cold yet, and the boy still loves going for walks.

MonthDistance# WorkoutsAvg per Workout
January28.66 Mile93.18444 Mile
February51.45 Mile163.21563 Mile
March34.7 Mile103.47 Mile
April44.35 Mile114.03182 Mile
May48.75 Mile143.48214 Mile
June64.2 Mile164.0125 Mile
July56.3 Mile153.75333 Mile
August56.75 Mile163.54688 Mile
September28.84 Mile74.12 Mile
October32.1 Mile122.675 Mile
Total446.1 Mile1263.54048 Mile


My baby takes the morning train

That's right, I broke the scooter back out. Mostly this is simply due to logistics of getting William to and from daycare. Sometimes I run him there in the morning and leave the stroller there while I finish my run. Then when I pick him up in the evening I can't take the bike because I need to bring the jogging stroller home. So a few times I've ridden the scooter to daycare (it's almost entirely downhill or flat) then walk back with Will in the stroller and the scooter in the stroller's storage area.

MonthDistance# WorkoutsAvg per Workout
August1.8 Mile11.8 Mile
October10.1 Mile52.02 Mile
Total11.9 Mile61.98333 Mile

Inline skating

That's right, I got a pair of inline skates for my birthday. Why not try something new to mix things up? Well, after numerous laps back and forth on my street I finally got up the nerve to venture out of the neighborhood and across the WUSTL campus. I didn't fall down, and I didn't hurt myself... at least one of which I half expected.

MonthDistance# WorkoutsAvg per Workout
October2 Mile12 Mile
Total2 Mile12 Mile

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