May 15, 2010

Dr. and Mr. Ragfield

Melissa was officially awarded her Ph.D. this morning at the UIUC social sciences graduation. She was "hooded" (whatever that means) by her advisor Steve.


It's been a long and challenging road (for us all), and I, for one, would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Dr. Ragfield on her tremendous achievement.

Dr. Meli & Will


Melissa said...

Thanks, Meester :)

Anonymous said...

No one deserves it more! What a great accomplishment, Dr. We are all very proud of you!
Bruce & Barb

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Rob, for your unwavering support toward this accomplishment for our new family doctor! You have provided the solid ground for this achievement and many others!
hugs, auntie

amypfan said...

I LOVE the title of this post. The Ragfields are definitely some of the coolest people I know.