August 12, 2009

The Boy

Melissa went into labor yesterday, three days before her 30th birthday, about 10 days prior to her due date. We went to the hospital mid-afternoon. At 1:19 AM this morning (August 12, 2009) William Miles "Fig" Raguet-Schofield came into this world, waterlogged and tender. Melissa and William are both doing fine.

I am utterly exhausted after merely assisting with a day-long labor. I can't even imagine how Melissa must feel. She's one tough cookie. I can only assume the boy will be just as tough.

William & Melissa

Waterlogged and tender

Rob & William
Note that Fig's hair is longer than mine




Aimee said...

That's one quiet 18 second video! Great to have that and remember this silent time :)

Our love to you all. We can't wait to meet Baby William!

Ragfield said...

The video actually does have sound. Turn your volume up all the way if you can't hear it.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you guys! Please tell Melissa that I am so proud of her! - Ashley :)

Unknown said...

I notice William can turn his head. When's he going to transfer that into a "legs go in a circle" motion for cycling??

Scott said...

William looks great! Congrats and welcome to the world of parenting. Of course, I didn't really feel like a parent until Faith was about 2. Before that I was more of a monster keeper.

Unknown said...

Congratulations! Not even a day old, and he's already a movie star. I can't wait to see him.