June 27, 2009

The Electric Slide

Fig's been doing the electric slide lately. Fig takes after her/his daddy.

Clearly when the electric slide line dance was introduced I thought it was totally lame. Apparently that's just because I never saw anyone do it right. As my former ASP staff coworker Wyatt (Y-it) showed me in the summer of 1999, you have to exaggerate the motions.

Wyatt teaches Rob the electric slide
Wyatt (center-right) teaches Rob (center-left) how to get into the electric slide

Wyatt and Rob do the electric slide
Kick that leg

Wyatt and Rob do the electric slide
It's electric!


Anonymous said...

By george, I think you've got it!

MamaD said...

Love it!

Scott said...

boogie woogie woogie

gutzville said...

are you sure it is not the cha cha slide that could be tragic