January 2, 2009

The Photo of the Day

A few weeks ago, I started a project where I take (at least) one photo every day and post it to my Flickr account. The idea is simply to practice with the goal of becoming a better photographer.

My Photo of the Day site is here. The most recent photo should always appear on the left side of my blog. If you're interested in following along, add this feed to your RSS reader (Google Reader, Apple Mail, Safari, etc.). I'm also taking part in a Flickr group called Photo A Day 2009, where (starting yesterday), hundreds of other people are doing something similar.

Here are a few of the most recent photos of the day:

Little cones


Light painting





Melissa said...

i love all your photos. you're a great photographer!

Anonymous said...

just wondering what is at the end of those red slippers?

Anonymous said...

U R a GREAT PHOTOGRAPHER!!!!!!!! Love keeping check on your [photo of the day]!!!!!! As if you don't already 'keep busy' enough , such as RUNNING, BIKING, SWIMMING,>LAUNDRY> CLEANING> COOKING?|> oh the LIST goes on!!!!!!!--:) keep snapping those kodak>?? moments! the BEST is yet to come,, luv and hugs, nan