December 3, 2008

The Christmas Decorations

We spent some time putting up Christmas decorations tonight. I took the opportunity to use the remote timer I built last year for my old camera to shoot a time lapse movie of the process, which I included below. If you pay close attention you can see where we dropped (and broke) one of the ornaments, then swept it up a short while later.

Rob & Meli decorating the Christmas tree

Rob & Melissa in front of tree
Rob & Meli in front of the Christmas tree

Homer Claus
Homer Claus

Pink nightmare/deranged Easter bunny
Pink nightmare/deranged Easter bunny

Hung with care
Stockings uncle Brad crocheted for us


Melissa said...

if only my popcorn and cranberry garland project was going as fast.

for the record, when i went out the front door, i was hanging a wreath.

the ornament breaking was a nice touch.

gutzville said...

Uh I think the video might be gone? Unfortunatly our tree took several days to get up so it would be a multi day time lapse, w/ the sun rising and setting.

Ragfield said...

I reposted the video and updated the blog to point to the new version shortly after the original post. You may have seen a stale copy of the entry somehow. If you look at the actual web page the video appears correctly.

Anonymous said...

the video is COOL!!!!! Looks like the ELVES did a GOOD job getting a nice straight, and lovely tree!!!!!! Can't wait to see the finished results, with the CRANBERRIES AND POPCORN!!!!!! yummmmmm, hugs, nan

Anonymous said...

I sent it to everyone I know. You are awesome.
The tree is beautiful, I had to play it back again to see the Christmas bulb break, and saw Rob bring out the broom. It was great! LOVED IT.


Anonymous said...

another amazing 'story' recorded --you two are delightful people!! keep having fun -- the video is the best ever!!!!
hugs, auntie