January 30, 2008

The Arboretum

I ran a few miles on the cross country course at the arboretum tonight. It was my first run since the Riddle. I made it about three miles before my ankle became a little sore then I walked back home. It will take just a little while longer for me to fully recover.

In the fall the cross country course is marked with silver paint

Arboretum 1.5 mile cross country loop


Melissa said...

take it easy, dawg. the formula for recovery from a marathon is 1 day per mile... that is, it takes 26.2 days to recover. In your case this would be 28 days.

Anonymous said...

HEED THE ADVICE OF YOUR WIFE!!!!!!! and besides it is WAAAAAAAAY tooooo cold to be out running!!!!!! Take a few days off. please!!! hugs, nan