January 13, 2008

The Forecast

I checked the weather forecast before we left for Rockford this weekend to celebrate little Logan's 1st birthday. All Saturday night there was a 30-60% chance of "snow showers." I decided at the last minute to pack my cross country skis into Iris (our car).

I gambled.

I lost.

It didn't snow more than a few flurries. There was zero accumulation. There was no chance to ski. I did take some grief for this from Melissa's family, though it was all in good fun. I can only assume it would have snowed inches upon inches had I left the skis at home. Better to be prepared, I guess.


Melissa said...

its always best to be prepared.

i checked the weather for Urbana tomorrow, and there's a "chance of flurries." lets keep our fingers crossed and maybe you'll be skiing in no time.

love you.

Anonymous said...

Hey, ROBERTO,, it's ROSCOE /?? that's much FARTHER north than ROCKFORD.. ( more chance of SNOW!) Maybe NEXT trip.... but as meli says, always be prepared!!! hugs, nan