January 4, 2013

October, November, December 2012

Well, it's been a while. November and December were a little bit crazy for me on account of a project I was working on in my spare time.


I haven't raced since October, but I've been doing a lot of high quality training in my build up for the Fuego y Agua 50K in February. As you can see from the chart below, I ran farther in 2012 than any of the past 11 years. This is also the longest I've gone without a sidelining injury during that time. June of 2012 was the only month with low mileage, and that was when I intentionally took a break to recover from my spring races.

MonthDistance# WorkoutsAvg per Workout
January78.06 Mile98.67333 Mile
February75.2586 Mile98.36206 Mile
March126.15 Mile149.01071 Mile
April146.28 Mile169.1425 Mile
May166.75 Mile189.26389 Mile
June54.83 Mile77.83286 Mile
July115.76 Mile912.8622 Mile
August91.81 Mile910.2011 Mile
September123.61 Mile158.24067 Mile
October115.4 Mile129.61667 Mile
November118.23 Mile139.09462 Mile
December129.98 Mile149.28429 Mile
Total1342.12 Mile1459.25599 Mile

Running 2012 12


Concordia Cross

Some other guy (not me)

Cycling was virtually non-existent for me the past few months. I did one cyclocross race in November on no training and somehow still wound up with a good result. The lack of bike miles towards the end of the year almost allowed my modest running mileage to catch up.

MonthDistance# WorkoutsAvg per Workout
January25.33 Mile212.665 Mile
February40.08 Mile313.36 Mile
March213.43 Mile2010.6715 Mile
April253.27 Mile2311.0117 Mile
May322.147 Mile2413.4228 Mile
June282.57 Mile1321.7362 Mile
July260.12 Mile1616.2575 Mile
August81.87 Mile810.2338 Mile
September45.46 Mile85.6825 Mile
October35.37 Mile84.42125 Mile
November10.58 Mile110.58 Mile
December22.7 Mile63.78333 Mile
Total1592.93 Mile13212.0676 Mile

Cycling 2012 12

Walking & Hiking

Babler hike

There was a big drop off here as well, mostly because I needed the extra hours to work on my project.

MonthDistance# WorkoutsAvg per Workout
January51.53 Mile163.22063 Mile
February42.92 Mile182.38444 Mile
March41.15 Mile142.93929 Mile
April31.89 Mile122.6575 Mile
May37.5107 Mile132.88544 Mile
June39.4 Mile182.18889 Mile
July2 Mile2Mile
August64.99 Mile252.5996 Mile
September85.88 Mile253.4352 Mile
October32.34 Mile103.234 Mile
November16. Mile53.2 Mile
December15.22 Mile43.805 Mile
Total460.831 Mile1622.84463 Mile

Walking 2012 12


MonthDistance# WorkoutsAvg per Workout
September13.85 Mile43.4625 Mile
October12.87 Mile34.29 Mile
December9.34 Mile24.67 Mile
Total36.06 Mile94.00667 Mile

Stairmaster 2012 12


MonthDistance# WorkoutsAvg per Workout
April1750. Yard2875. Yard
May8050. Yard71150. Yard
June4100. Yard31366.67 Yard
July2993.61 Yard3997.871 Yard
August2150. Yard3716.667 Yard
Total19043.6 Yard181057.98 Yard

Swimming 2012 12

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