April 1, 2010

March 2010 Stats

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I'm still going with this, tough at times this month it was a real struggle (and I think the quality of photos reflects that). I was super-busy with work, and busy on top of that with marathon training, oh, and cycling season is here (first race next weekend).



March was a good month. My training quality has continued to improve, without much change to the quantity. I'm doing my runs a little bit faster without really feeling the extra effort. I ran a 5k race at 5:59 pace and I did a 20 mile training run at 7:30 pace. Aside from my weekly long runs and the race, I've done virtually all of my running wearing Vibram Fivefinger (barefoot-like) shoes and they're feeling really good.

MonthDistance# WorkoutsAvg per Workout
January109.05 Mile1010.905 Mile
February76.18 Mile89.5225 Mile
March84.86 Mile108.486 Mile
Total270.09 Mile289.64607 Mile


I'm seeing red

While my running steadily improved in March, my cycling made a huge leap. Notably, I rode over 100 miles two times in March 2010, after only riding that distance two times previously in my entire life.

March 2010 by bike

BikeDistance# RidesAvg per Ride
Bianchi42.75 Mile85.34375 Mile
Pocket Rocket3.6 Mile13.6 Mile
Thundercougarfalconbird462.48 Mile951.3867 Mile
Total508.83 Mile1828.2683 Mile

January - March 2010 by bike

BikeDistance# RidesAvg per Ride
Bianchi60.75 Mile134.67308 Mile
El Fuego40.9 Mile113.71818 Mile
Pocket Rocket31.27 Mile215.635 Mile
Thundercougarfalconbird682.83 Mile2428.4513 Mile
Total815.75 Mile5016.315 Mile

January - March 2010 totals

MonthDistance# WorkoutsAvg per Workout
January166.25 Mile208.3125 Mile
February140.67 Mile1211.7225 Mile
March508.83 Mile1828.2683 Mile
Total815.75 Mile5016.315 Mile


This little piggy

Despite the better weather I've continued walking on a regular basis. I don't know, I just feel like it helps me in my long distance running.

MonthDistance# WorkoutsAvg per Workout
January28.66 Mile93.18444 Mile
February51.45 Mile163.21563 Mile
March34.7 Mile103.47 Mile
Total114.81 Mile353.28029 Mile

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Anonymous said...

All your hard work will be recognized on May 1st.
Good Luck. I know you will have a great day!