January 7, 2010


We got a fair amount of snow last night and into the day today. I skied the 1.8 miles into work, which in these conditions was A) faster than walking and B) safer than cycling.

Most of my trip follows Kirby/Florida Ave which has a lot of grass off to the side, perfect for skiing. It gets a little tough around the Assembly Hall where there's a whole lot of pavement and not much grass.

Urbana welcomes you

I expected to be pretty sweaty by the time I arrived at work, but I wasn't that bad. I had a brutal headwind the whole way there.


Anonymous said...

More power to you! I'm certain you got there faster than most cars yesterday!! Be safe. Love you, mom

gutzville said...

sounds like perfect scooter weather to me

amypfan said...

You skiied to work? You are hard-core.