October 24, 2009

The Five Stages of a Fit

Poor baby

Cheer up

There there

Almost got it

Two peas in a pod


Anonymous said...

That is Wayyyyy too cute!

Grandma Barb

Anonymous said...

what's NOT TO LOVE about that BABY??????? how totally darling, it made me laugh outloud!!!! loved seeing the little guy in action.. with all his precious faces!!!! hugs to all, grama nan

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the 'fit' and 'pod' pix ... they are WONDERFUL!!! sure made me laugh ... looks like William could be singing 'happy birthday' soon!!
hugs to you all, auntie

amypfan said...

Showed Bryn this and told her it was Baby Will. She said, "That's a silly name." Wonder how she'll react when she realizes her own brother will be a derivation of the same.
Great pictures.