July 3, 2009

The Homer Fireworks

"Celebrate the independence of your nation by blowing up a small part of it."

My friend John and another coworker of mine were helping out with the fireworks show at Miller Aquatics and Health Club, just outside of Homer, on Wednesday. They invited us out to watch, though I didn't think I'd be home from my bike ride in time to make it out to Homer by 9 pm. Fortunately, I was home in time and we decided at the last minute to go.

The show was really well done and we sat very, very close to the launch site, so we had a different perspective than I've ever had for fireworks before. As you can imagine, I brought my camera to try to get some good shots of the fireworks. It took some getting used to, but I think by the end I started to get some good photos.

It's that time of year


Anonymous said...

OOOOO WOW!!!!! POP!! POP!!!POP!! ZZZZZZZZZT!!! POP!!!! Now I have seen FIREWORKS while sitting in the comfort of my house, not even having to worry about the bugs!!!,,,,,, and before the 4th even!!!!! What an awesome show!!!! Did you say you HELPED set it up?? Is there anything you CAN'T do????? Your talents and abilities never cease to amaze me--- the photos are incredible-- just curious , were you far, far away from the masses??? OR, were the masses just very subdued??? Finally at the AWESOME FINALE , heard a few 'claps and cheers'!! the red , white, and blue at the end was really cool, and the FINALE was BEAUTIFUL!!!! wonder if the noise "scared ' FIG???? thanks for sharing, loved it,, hugs, nan

Ragfield said...

No, I didn't help set up the show, some friends of mine helped. We just watched.

Anonymous said...

oops. I read that part TOOO fast, I guess! but you're still pretty terrific, even if you didn't happen to SET off the POP POP POPS!!!!! Next year the 3 of you can GO watch!!! O WOW!!!! hugs, nanc

Anona said...

WoW you always take such wonderful pictures!! (And thanks for commenting on our blog; i never make any comments but I think I should start.)