April 2, 2009

The Hardman

A friend pointed me to this humorous blog post discussing various types of bicycle commuters. As many of you know I've commuted to work by bike for a number of years. Since we've been back from Nicaragua I've only driven a car to work three times, and all three of those times I was transporting large and/or heavy objects.

Back to the types of commuters. I've certainly seen each of these types of commuters before, which is why I found the article so funny. Clearly, I fall somewhere between The Pro and The Hardman.


That’s right - YOU. You didn’t think you were gonna get out of it so easily, did you? You’re the only one who thinks you’re the coolest kat in town. You’re the guy who gets all kitted up, pins a number on, rides the Zipps, and has an espresso flavored powergel on your way to work. But I’m sure you have good reason to ride in like this…It could be because you have a race after work, you need to take your bike to the shop at lunch, or it could be because you like to show to all your coworkers how PRO you are. Sorry, but we’re the only people on the planet that think spandex, shaved legs, and tiny arms look cool.

During the summer I show up to work on my race bike with shaven legs, just waiting to start my training ride after work.

The Hardman

This is the guy who hasn’t missed a day of commuting to work since 1993. This is a badge of honor to this steed and everyone at work talks about him around the lunch table like he could win the Tour de France. You pipe up every time and try to make them understand that he is not as PRO as you are and that you’re in fact the much more dedicated cyclist.

I also ride all winter long. I don't hesitate to grab the bike lock keys, rather than the car keys, on my way to work in 5˚ weather.

El fuego en la nieve

The one day this past winter I didn't ride to work wasn't because I didn't try. The roads were covered with ice, I fell, bruised my hip, and limped back home. I worked remotely that day.

Icy streets


Scott said...

A true hardman WOULD transport large or heavy objects by bicycle, even during a race. :-)

Anonymous said...

Not sure why you couldn't have made a cart to carry those large or heavy objects behind your bike.

Aimee said...

I thought you had a special trailer for those large/heavy objects.
We voted you as a combo of both as well. Brett came in a combo also; mostly hardman, but part weekday warrior. I am OK with the glamour girl title.

Yockey said...

I rode that day

Melissa said...

didn't you cross country ski to work one day?

you are totally hardcore.

cyclingTips said...

Ha! I'm glad people can identify with it!