March 1, 2009

The End of February

Photo of the Day

February calendar


Illini Chill

The February weather wasn't great, but there were a few good days when I was able to get a small amount of quality miles in on the bike. I had two good road rides and a good mountain bike ride.


BikeDistance# RidesAvg per Ride
Bianchi74.3 Mile145.30714 Mile
El Fuego16.86 Mile116.86 Mile
Pocket Rocket23.8 Mile63.96667 Mile
Thundercougarfalconbird117.39 Mile258.695 Mile
Total232.35 Mile2310.1022 Mile


BikeDistance# RidesAvg per Ride
Bianchi144. Mile304.8 Mile
Big Red2. Mile12. Mile
El Fuego39.92 Mile57.984 Mile
Pocket Rocket23.8 Mile63.96667 Mile
Thundercougarfalconbird162.04 Mile354.0133 Mile
Total371.76 Mile458.26133 Mile


Runner Rob

I eased up on the running a bit after the Riddle Run. This probably isn't great for my training for the upcoming Illinois Marathon, but my body needed to recover. I chose to focus more on quality than quantity. Last Tuesday's Armory fun run was the fastest I've done all winter.

MonthDistance# WorkoutsAvg per Workout
January109.34 Mile1010.934 Mile
February55.83 Mile77.97571 Mile
Total165.17 Mile179.71588 Mile


Rob starting 500 freestyle

In February I ramped my swimming back up with the start of Masters Swimming for the spring semester. We had another practice meet and I also swam the farthest I've ever done in one go (4300 yards).

MonthDistance# WorkoutsAvg per Workout
January1.87452 Kilo Meter30.62484 Kilo Meter
February14.9504 Kilo Meter62.49174 Kilo Meter
Total16.825 Kilo Meter91.86944 Kilo Meter

Cross Country Skiing

No snow = no skiing.

MonthDistance# WorkoutsAvg per Workout
January26.67 Mile64.445 Mile
Total26.67 Mile64.445 Mile

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