March 5, 2008

The 2 Mile Challenge

Save your money. Save your health. Save your planet.

Map your 2 mile radius by entering your address here:


Melissa said...

this is the greatest thing i ever saw.

ps. what is the annual cost of operating a bicycle for 1 year if you have 7 of them?

Ragfield said...

Well, presumably a person can only ride one of the 7 bikes at any given time, so I think the cost of operating the 7 bikes would be the same as the cost of operating 1 bike.

Anonymous said...

You're forgetting the little kid who stole two of our bikes out of the garage at the same time when Mom left to find me when Simba's leash strangled her.


Anonymous said...

Mom Scho Said...

Well, do you want to have a good laugh? I entered in my address and they've never heard of Danville, IL.

What's a mother to do?